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  • Lessons from clinic…. Last month, a patient rang me and told me that an exercise I had prescribed was aggravating her condition. This was a very innocuous exercise, given to add gentle movement.  Discomfort was not an expected response. It’s important to note, at this stage, that there had been considerable medical history, dotted with […]

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  • Unwinding

    I attended a 2 day yoga workshop with Louise in 2014. Two days of healthy food, yoga, meditation and walking. Bliss!

    On the first evening, after dinner, we headed for the yoga room for some “wind down” yoga nidra which put all of us attendees in that place that exists between awake and sleep. (Love that place). A couple of Om Shantis later and then up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire. Or rather down the crooked stairs, along the corridor, quick stop in the kitchen for a cuppa and then to our respective snooze rooms.

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  • Not, just another brick in the wall…

    A conversation with a patients son in clinic last week…. J: “I won an award in school” Me: “Really!, that’s fantastic! What’s the award?” J: (giggles) “It’s a brick” Me: “huh?” J: “The award is the school brick” Me: “Why did they give you the brick?” J: “Because I owned up…..Miss wasn’t angry at all. […]

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